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Do you want smooth skin all over your body and in your intimate area? We present you the best depilatory creams for effective and gentle hair removal.

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  1. How do depilatory creams work?”,”position”:”1″,”storyElementPosition”:”9″,”storyElementCount”:”43″}}”>How do Depilatory creams? – Simply apply cream and make the hair disappear!
  2. Depilatory cream is best?”,”position”:”2″,”storyElementPosition”:”9″,”storyElementCount”:”43″}}”>Which Depilatory cream is by best? – Buy our favorites!
  3. How to use hair removal cream right on? “,”position”:”3″,”storyElementPosition”:”9″,”storyElementCount”:”43″}}”>How to use man depilatory cream right on? – A guide in just a few steps!
  4. How long do you stay after depilatory cream hair-free? “,”position”:”4″,”storyElementPosition”:”9″,”storyElementCount”:”43″}}”>How long you stay after depilatory cream hair-free? – Longer, smoother skin made easy!
  5. Advantages and Disadvantages of the hair removal cream?”,”position”:”5″,”storyElementPosition”:”9″,”storyElementCount”:”43″}}”>What are Advantages and Disadvantages the depilatory cream? – Advantages and possible disadvantages checked!
  6. Do not use hair removal cream?”,”position”:”6″,”storyElementPosition”:”9″,”storyElementCount”:”43″}}”>Where can you Do not use depilatory cream? – Protect yourself from irritation!
  7. Shaving or a Depilatory cream better?”,”position”:”7″,”storyElementPosition”:”9″,”storyElementCount”:”43″}}”>Is Shave or one Depilatory cream better? – Find the best method for your skin!

The beauty ideal of skin without annoying body hair has been widespread since ancient times. Egyptians, Greeks and Romans already used various techniques for hair removal, including resins and beeswax. Today, depilatory creams offer a quick and painless alternative to shaving, waxing and sugaring. They are available in different formulations for different skin types and body regions. We show you our favorites.

How do Depilatory creams?

Hair removal creams contain chemicals that dissolve the keratin structure of the hair. After applying the cream, the hair comes off the surface of the skin within five to ten minutes.

Which Depilatory cream is by best?

Choosing the best hair removal cream depends on various factors such as skin type, effectiveness, fragrance and skin tolerance. Here are some of the most popular hair removal creams that often receive good reviews.

Vichy hair removal cream for sensitive skin

Depilatory cream for sensitive skin
Depilatory cream for sensitive skin with thermal water © Vichy

The hair removal cream from Vichy Eau Thermale is available in a 150 gram tube. It contains soothing thermal water and moisturizing glycerin. Aloe vera and panthenol minimize skin irritation and support skin regeneration. Mild almond oil also nourishes the skin and perfume provides a pleasant scent. It is ideal for legs and armpits.

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Depilatory cream for the intimate area

Depilatory cream for the intimate area
Hair removal cream for the sensitive intimate area. © HOT Productions & Vertriebs GmbH

The hair removal cream for the intimate area contains soothing ingredients such as aloe vera, panthenol and jojoba oil. These ensure gentle and moisturizing hair removal. According to the manufacturer, the simple application with the spatula enables hair removal in just three to ten minutes.

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Veet hair removal cream set for the face

Veet hair removal kit
Facial hair removal cream with care cream in a set © Veet

The Veet pure facial hair removal kit is ideal for removing hair from the upper lip, cheeks and eyebrows on normal skin. The kit contains 50 ml of depilatory cream and 50 ml of care cream, as well as a spatula. The care cream soothes and moisturizes the skin.

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Best hair removal cream for men from Ökotest

Andmetics hair removal cream for men
Best hair removal cream for men according to Ökotest © Andmetics

The Andmetics hair removal cream for men received an overall rating of “good” from Öko-Test. It contains no harmful ingredients such as microplastics and removes hair on arms and legs gently and effectively. The cream is suitable for all skin types. Use the cream on both dry and damp skin.

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How to use man depilatory cream right on?

Woman applies hair removal cream to her legs with a spatula
Depilatory creams dissolve hair painlessly under the skin’s surface. However, they can cause skin irritation and should be tested before use. © PantherMedia/nelka7812

When used correctly, depilatory creams are an effective method of hair removal. Free your skin of hair in just a few steps.

  1. Patch test: Apply a small amount of the cream, for example on the forearm. Observe the skin for at least 24 hours for reactions such as redness, itching or burning. If none of these symptoms occur, you can safely apply the cream.
  2. Preparation: Make sure the skin is clean and dry. Wash the area with lukewarm water and dry thoroughly.
  3. Instruct: Apply the cream evenly to the area to be depilated using a spatula or your fingers, making sure to completely cover all the hairs without rubbing the cream into the skin.
  4. Exposure time: Leave the cream on according to the instructions on the packaging, usually between three and ten minutes. Do not exceed the recommended exposure time to avoid skin irritation.
  5. Distance: Remove the cream carefully with a spatula or a damp cloth in the direction of hair growth. Wash the skin thoroughly with warm water and dry gently.
  6. Aftercare: Apply a soothing moisturizer. Do not use any perfumed products for 24 hours.
  7. Tip: Use depilatory cream every 72 hours maximum to avoid skin irritation

How long you stay after depilatory cream hair-free?

With depilatory cream, the skin is hair-free for about a week. However, the time can vary depending on the person and hair growth. Depilatory creams remove the hair just below the surface of the skin. This means the results last longer than shaving, but shorter than methods such as waxing.

What are Advantages and Disadvantages the depilatory cream?

Depilatory creams offer a quick and easy solution to unwanted hair growth. Despite their benefits, they also have some disadvantages that you should consider.

Painless applicationSkin irritation and allergic reactions possible
Easy and quick applicationUnpleasant smell
Longer lasting than shaving (approx. 1 week)Inconsistent results
No risk of cutsNot suitable for all body areas
Prevents razor burn and ingrown hairs

Where can you Do not use depilatory cream?

It is best not to apply depilatory creams to sensitive or damaged skin. This includes sunburnt, irritated or injured skin. You should also be careful in the intimate area and around the eyes, although there are special creams for these areas. However, these can cause skin irritation, allergies or pigment changes.

Is Shave or one Depilatory cream better?

Shaving or hair removal cream? It depends on your preference and skin type. Hair removal creams offer smoother and longer-lasting results and prevent razor burn. However, they contain chemicals that can irritate the skin. They are also often more expensive. Shaving is quicker and less expensive. However, there is a higher risk of skin damage and ingrown hairs.