Products for the Ten Step Korean Skincare Routine

Products for the Ten Step Korean Skincare Routine
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  • Skin care plays an important role in South Korea. The Ten Step Korean Skincare Routine is a comprehensive care routine that aims to achieve an even complexion in ten steps.
  • Korean skin care focuses on products with natural formulas and as few chemical additives as possible. It is therefore particularly gentle and keeps the skin’s natural ecosystem in balance.
  • The ten steps of the Koranic skin care routine include cleansing with various products, preparing the skin with toner*, concentrated care with an essence*, a serum* and a mask, and finally specific care with eye cream, moisturizer and sunscreen.

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With the Ten Step Korean Skincare Routine South Korea is a real expert when it comes to skin care. The technology regulates in ten steps how you care for your face (daily) with high-quality products from the best K-Beauty brands. If you believe its users, you will be rewarded with a wonderfully fresh and healthy looking skin rewarded. Sounds time-consuming at first? Don’t worry, after a short time the care will become routine. In any case, we think it’s worth trying!

What is the Ten Step Korean Skincare Routine?

Core of the Korean skincare routine is to effectively layer high-quality products in ten individual steps. The textures range from liquid at the beginning to a firmer, creamy consistency at the end of the care. Thanks to pH-neutral, mild formulas with few chemical additives, the Ten Step Korean Skincare Routine respects the skin’s natural eco-system and keeps it in balance. The steps mainly focus on the Cleansing, hydrating, nourishing and protecting the skinFor example, moisturising products strengthen the skin barrier, prevent water loss and reduce or prevent signs of skin aging.

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How it works: The 10 steps of Korean skin care

Whether you use the Ten Step Korean Skincare Routine regularly or at longer intervals is of course up to you. In general, you will achieve the best results with a daily useWhen choosing your products, make sure that they suit your skin type.

The Ten Step Korean Skincare Routine begins with the traditional double cleansing. Apply a little of a Oil-based cleaner onto the skin and massage it in gently. The cleansing oil acts as a binding agent and Removes makeup, sunscreen and other oil-based impurities. Then rinse your face with lukewarm water and gently pat it dry with a clean towel.

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The second step of the double cleaning includes a water-based cleanser. It cleanses the skin more deeply and removes sweat and dirt such as dead skin cells and sebum. Apply a little gel to damp skin and massage gently until it foams. Then carefully wash off the gel and dry your face with a towel.

Peelings can help to remove dead skin cells and clean the pores particularly deeplySince the treatment is quite intensive, you should include a peeling in your Ten Step Korean Skincare Routine not more than once a week Apply a little product to your skin, massage it in using circular movements and then rinse it off. Avoid the mouth and eye area. In general, peeling can irritate and dry out the skin. If your skin is very sensitive, you should skip this step.

A toner can help balance the pH value of the skinIt also prepares the skin so that it absorb other products better Some toners also have an intensive moisturizing effect. Spray the toner of your choice onto your face from about 20 centimeters away – keep your eyes closed. Then gently pat the spray in until the skin has completely absorbed it.

Essences are light, moisturizing liquidsthat provide the skin with nutrients such as Minerals and vitamins After using the toner, the skin absorbs it particularly well. Apply a small amount of the essence and pat it in gently until it is absorbed.

Serums are usually highly concentrated and aimed at specific skin needs. For example, there are special anti-aging serums or products that treat acne or hyperpigmentationSo, for your Ten Step Korean Skincare routine, choose a serum that is exactly right for your skin. Apply a few drops to your skin and gently pat it in.

Sheet masks are highly concentrated nourishing liquid soaked and have a particularly intensive effect. Take the mask out of the packaging and place it on your face. After 15 to 20 minutes, you can remove it again. Dab the remaining liquid into your skin with your fingertips so that you benefit optimally from the nourishing effect.

Eye creams are an important part of Korean skin care. They are designed to moisturize sensitive skin around the eyes and protect against external influences. Apply a thin layer of the cream around your eyes and wait until it is absorbed.

Moisturizers hydrate the skin on the face intensively and protect it from external influences. Dry skin, sensitive skin or combination skin – choose a cream that suits your skin type exactly. Apply this to your face and let it absorb.

The last step of the Korean skin care routine involves applying sunscreen. Creams with sun protection factor protect the skin from harmful UV rays. Apply the cream at least 30 minutes before going out into the sun– only then will it protect the skin optimally. Also make sure that the Reapply sunscreen approximately every two hourswhen you are outside.

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The short version of the Ten Step Korean Skincare Routine: For those in a hurry

Admittedly, the Korean skin care in ten steps is not exactly time-saving. But it is still worth taking care of your own skin – because if you take care of it regularly, it will long-lasting fresher and more alertIf the Ten Step Korean Skincare Routine is too long for you, you can shorten it individually. For example, you can leave out the peeling or the sheet mask without any problems. Even if you only follow half of the steps, you are still doing something good for your skin.

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