Earlier this year, Samsung ushered in the era of mobile AI with the launch of the Galaxy S24 series and committed to making Galaxy AI1 on a wide range of devices. True to this promise, Samsung is now bringing Galaxy AI to the Galaxy Watch and expanding its popular health features. By combining the powerful built-in AI with the comprehensive Samsung Health app, Samsung is creating even more personalized and safer health experiences.

Advanced intelligence for deeper insights and more motivation

Samsung is committed to providing an advanced health and wellness experience. Starting with the provision and use of actionable insights that help to better understand one’s own health behavior. By combining Galaxy AI with Samsung Health, new health functions now offer even more comprehensive insights into one’s own health status and motivating incentives to increase well-being in everyday life. With Energy Score2 Users gain a better understanding of their daily health through a combined analysis of personal health metrics, including average sleep duration, consistency of sleep duration, consistency of bedtime and wake time, time of sleep, activity the previous day, sleep heart rate and heart rate variability3. In addition, the Booster Cards4 help you achieve personal health goals by providing insights, motivational tips, and guidance for each goal.

Greater precision and accuracy

Improved health algorithms and advanced tracking tools combine with AI to deliver more comprehensive, personalized and actionable insights. Because good health starts with a good night’s sleep, Samsung is improving the AI algorithm for sleepto provide additional insights. Newly added sleep indicators for Sleep Insights provide a more detailed and accurate analysis of sleep quality to better understand your own sleep pattern and develop better habits based on it. These additional metrics include Movement, sleep latency, heart rate and respiratory rate during sleepin addition to the metrics already supported such as snoring hours, blood oxygen levels and sleep cycle.5

The new fitness features provide intelligent and effortless measurements of physical performance for a customized workout, as traditionally provided by state-of-the-art equipment. In addition to the five running intensity levels of the Personalized Health Rate Zone, the new detailed Aerobic Threshold (AT) / Anaerobic Threshold (AnT) Heart Rate Zone6
Metrics efficient running and a quick performance analysis. Cyclists can get the FTP metrics in just 10 minutes (Functional Threshold Power) calculate7
and train like a pro by using a personalized performance index based on AI data analysis to maximize their performance. Fitness tracking tools also help to track training and progress even more easily. For example, the function Race8th compare current and previous running and cycling performance on the same routes.
With the new Workout routine Different exercises can be combined seamlessly and without interruption for an individual workout.

“By extending Galaxy AI across our entire ecosystem, we want to open up new possibilities with optimized and connected experiences that offer users more personalization and intelligence,” says Marvin Peters, Director Mobile Samsung Austria. “The introduction of Galaxy AI on Galaxy Watch is just the beginning of this process and we look forward to introducing even more integrations across our entire Galaxy portfolio soon.”

The new features will be available on the next Galaxy Watch lineup via One UI 6 Watch, which will be available later this year. This is a sneak peek of what we have in store for our users, and we can’t wait to show the full power of Galaxy AI combined with the advanced hardware upgrades of the new Galaxy Watch series. Stay tuned.

1 Certain Samsung AI features may require signing in to a Samsung account. Samsung makes no promises, representations or warranties regarding the accuracy, completeness or reliability of results provided by AI features. The availability of Galaxy AI features may vary by device model. Galaxy AI features will be provided free of charge on supporting Samsung Galaxy devices until at least the end of 2025. Different terms may apply to AI features provided by third parties.
2 Intended for general wellness and fitness purposes only. Available on Android smartphones (OS Android 10 or later), requires Samsung Health app (v6.27 or later). Signing in to a Samsung account is required. To check the energy score, health data recorded by Galaxy Watch (Galaxy Watch 4 or later) must be synced to Samsung Health app. Requires at least the previous day’s activity and sleep data, and heart rate data during sleep.
3 Not intended as a substitute for conventional diagnostic or treatment methods.
4 Available on Android smartphones (Android 10 operating system or higher), requires Samsung Health app (v6.27 or higher). Signing in to a Samsung account is required. Not intended for detection, diagnosis or treatment of any disease. The result is for personal use only, consult a doctor for advice.
5 Intended for general wellness and fitness purposes only. Not intended for the detection, diagnosis, or treatment of any disease or medical condition. Measurements are for your personal use only. Please consult a physician for advice.
6 Personalization Heart Rate Zone is activated when the outdoor running activity is selected. It is required to run continuously for more than 10 minutes at a speed of 4 km/h or faster.
7 To measure personal FTP, the Galaxy smartphone must be connected to a power meter. To calculate a more accurate FTP, it is necessary to connect the Galaxy Watch to a smartphone. FTP is calculated automatically when cycling at a moderate to high intensity for more than 4 minutes with the power meter attached to the bike. Using machine learning, the more users cycle repeatedly, the more accurate and personalized the FTP values ​​are calculated. The cycling power meter is sold separately. Conventional FTP analyses with professional devices take up to 1 hour on average.
8th Race is only available for outdoor running and outdoor cycling. For comparison measurements, it is necessary to run on the same route as the pre-generated route. Users can compare by selecting one of the recordings from a period of up to 14 days. Comparing recordings with Race is only possible if you select the same starting point of the previous recording. If the starting point is different, the device automatically switches to run mode.