Discover skincare from South Korea with the best K-Beauty brands.

Discover skincare from South Korea with the best K-Beauty brands.
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  • Facial care and make-up from South Korea – so-called K-Beauty – has been available on the European market for several years with brands such as Erborian* and Missha*. There is great interest in this because skin care from South Korea is produced to high standards.
  • Whether it’s face cream, serum or toner – K-Beauty brands mainly use natural ingredients, such as herbal extracts or black rice. Artificial additives such as silicones and parabens, on the other hand, are extremely rare.
  • We’ll show you ten brands that you can also get in Germany. They all impress with natural ingredients, gentle formulas and smooth textures.

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K-Pop is now a household name, but what about K-Beauty? If you are interested in skin care, the trend from Korea have long been known to you too. Brands such as Erborian, Missha and Benton have been conquering the shelves of domestic bathrooms for years. specialized care products to decorative cosmetics – we introduce you to some of the most famous K-Beauty brands and show you what they have to offer.

Skin care according to Korean standards

The “K” in K-Beauty stands for Korea, just like in the terms K-Pop and K-Drama. And that is exactly what the products are made of at their core – they come from South Korea and are developed according to local standards. For many, this is considered special quality featurebecause the Skin care tradition of the East Asian country goes back a long way. In Korean culture, a flawless appearance has played a major role for decades – no wonder that, according to the International Society of Plastic Surgery, the country had the most cosmetic surgeries in the world a few years ago. Of course, not everyone goes under the knife, but for many Koreans, optimal care seems all the more important.

How are K-Beauty brands different from conventional skincare?

K-Beauty products are developed to meet Korean beauty standards and ideals: youthful appearance, well-hydrated skin and a fine complexion. Face creams and serums therefore focus primarily on the Skin health, hydration and sun protectionCompared to other cosmetic brands, K-Beauty offers the following advantages:

  • High-quality ingredients:
    K-Beauty products often contain predominantly natural ingredients such as chamomile, ginseng or black rice. This makes the care particularly gentle and also suitable for sensitive skin.
  • Clean formulations:
    Artificial additives such as silicones, parabens or even microplastics are an absolute rarity in Korean skin care. There are strict guidelinesthat manufacturers must comply with in order to be able to label their products as natural cosmetics.
  • Sun protection:
    Most K-Beauty brands offer day creams with integrated sun protection factor. This way, the skin is optimally protected under make-up on sunny days.
  • Individual customization:
    The range of skin needs that K-Beauty products address is wide. For example, there are special Products for pubertal, adult and mature skin. In addition, the Focus on all genders – because skin care is just as important for men as it is for women in Korea.
  • Not tested on animals:
    Animal testing has been banned by law in South Korea since 2016. All K-Beauty products are therefore one hundred percent cruelty-free.

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K-Beauty: Ten brands you should know

Are you ready for Korean skincare? Then you shouldn’t miss these ten K-Beauty brands – some of them offer both skin care and makeup. What’s more, they are all available in Germany.

1. Benton

Benton at Douglas*

The founders of Benton attach great importance to natural and fresh ingredients such as aloe vera and propolis. The slime of the Achatina snail, which is popular in Korea, can also be found in some products. It is known for its firming effect and anti-aging properties.


COSRX at Douglas*

COSRX creams and serums are especially designed for sensitive skin. The K-Beauty brand uses soothing ingredients such as tea tree oil to alleviate acne and dry skin.

3. Isntree

Isntree at Flaconi*

Isntree is certified as a natural cosmetics brand and is also vegan. The K-Beauty brand specializes in the use of ingredients such as green tea and hyaluronic acid.

4. Pyunkang Yul

Pyunkang Yul at Douglas*

Pyunkang Yul uses traditional Korean herbs to maintain the balance of the skin. The brand takes a minimalist approach and only uses ingredients that are particularly gentle on the skin.

5. Erborian

Erborian at Douglas*

Erborian innovatively combines Korean beauty secrets with French cosmetic technology. The result is BB and CC creams that optimize the complexion and care for the skin at the same time.

6. Missha

Missha at Flaconi*

Missha offers a wide range of products – from makeup to skin care and body care. The brand is also known for its affordable prices and innovative care formulas. In its Time Revolution line, for example, it uses fermented ingredients to improve skin texture.

7. Whamisa

Whamisa at Flaconi*

Whamisa’s focus is on organic ingredients such as fermented flowers and fruits. The brand relies on traditional fermentation methods to increase the effectiveness of its ingredients.

8. Purito

Purito at Flaconi*

Purito is best known for its Centella Green Level line. The products in the line contain panthenol and hyaluronic acid, among other things. They soothe sensitive skin and effectively counteract dry areas.

9. Uranium

Urang at Ecco-verde*

Urang stands for vegan products and certified organic natural cosmetics. Their serums, oils and creams are of particularly high quality and suitable for all skin types and all ages.

10. Homely

At home at Douglas*

The K-Beauty brand Heimish is still quite young. After initially producing only decorative cosmetics, it has now also specialized in facial care.

What characterizes K-Beauty?

K-Beauty is skin care from Korea. It is characterized by high production standards and the use of predominantly natural ingredients. Many brands invest a lot of time and money in research and can therefore offer innovative products with effective formulas.

Is K-Beauty really good for my skin?

If you want to be sure that K-Beauty products provide your skin with optimal care, you should do one thing above all – familiarize yourself with the ingredients and your skin type. Since K-Beauty uses mostly natural ingredients, the products are usually particularly mild and gentle. This means they are also suitable for sensitive skin.

Are K-Beauty products expensive?

The price of K-Beauty depends entirely on the brand and the products you choose. While some brands are on the higher end, you can also find comparatively cheap alternatives with brands like Missha or COSRX.

Where can I buy K-Beauty?

Skincare from Korea has now conquered the German market – you can easily get K-Beauty products in numerous online shops. Some brands are now also available in retail stores, for example at dm or Rossmann.

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