The stars swear by it: Lemon water is supposed to melt the pounds away – does it really work? The lemon diet is on everyone’s lips and we’ll show you what’s behind it and whether it does what it promises.

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Lose weight with lemon water – like Jennifer Aniston and Miranda Kerr

Gisele Bündchen, Jennifer Aniston and Miranda Kerr – what do these three beauties have in common? They drink lemon water in the morning, because did you know that losing weight with water works? Other celebrities also swear by the power of the refreshing citrus fruit. Packed with important Vitamins and minerals Lemon is a real all-rounder. If you regularly drink a glass of lemon water on an empty stomach in the morning, you will help your body lose weight. You will also replenish your water balance immediately after waking up. While we sleep, we lose around half a litre of fluid.

The good thing about the lemon water trend is that you no special diet you need to follow in order to lose weight. You only need a few minutes to make the drink. This means that it can be easily integrated into your daily routine and you do something good for your body with little effort. If you drink the lemon water in the morning as a substitute for coffee with milk, for example, you will save a few calories. A glass of lemon water has just 5 calories. In comparison, milky coffee contains 85 kilocalories – that’s a whopping 560 calories that you save per week.

Start with a glass lukewarm water with the juice of a half a lemon and drink it half an hour before breakfast. This will boost your metabolism and allow the appetite-suppressing effect to take full effect. How about a quick jog, Nordic walking or walk around the block? This will also get your circulation going. Your body also draws on its own fat reserves when you exercise on an empty stomach. This means you burn fat faster. But pay attention to how your body feels and don’t push yourself too hard, otherwise you can quickly get dizzy.
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If you tolerate the acidic water well, you can increase the amount of lemon juice as desired. Instead of half a lemon, squeeze a whole lemon and drink the lemon water several times a day between meals. Make sure not to eat anything for 30 minutes to an hour afterwards.

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Lemony support instead of crash diet

The original form of the lemon diet is very rigorous and is not recommended by nutritionists. It was developed in the USA in the 1940s and was intended as a fasting diet. During the day, you drink nothing but a mixture of lemon juice, maple syrup, water and cayenne pepper. You consume 3-8 lemons a day. Beyoncé is said to have lost 10 kilos in a week with it. However, such a radical diet is not recommended. With such a one-sided diet, the body hardly receives any proteins, micronutrients and fats. The consequences can be the famous yo-yo effect or even a nutrient deficiency. In addition, the acid in lemon juice attacks tooth enamel and mucous membranes.

A more sensible variant of the lemon diet relies on a balanced, calorie-conscious diet with Lemon water or a Lemon water-cayenne-maple syrup mixture as support. This is intended to promote fat metabolism and digestion and at the same time curb appetite.

Lemons are not a miracle cure that simply melts away fat deposits. Losing weight sustainably with lemon water only works if you eat a balanced diet and regular exercise In this case, the water with lemon increases the weight loss effect and helps you to reach your personal weight goal faster. Because many of us are motivated by a healthy start to the day. This makes it easier for us to make healthier choices throughout the day and reach for a piece of fruit instead of a chocolate bar or go to the gym for strength training or endurance training instead of sitting on the couch.

A suitable nutritional concept to accompany the lemon diet is “low carb”. Translated from English, it means “few carbohydrates”. Here you largely avoid sugary foods such as white bread, pastries, pasta, sweets, soft drinks and alcohol. Instead, you eat mainly fresh vegetables, high-quality fish and meat and healthy fats such as avocados and olive oil.

Water with lemons: Is lemon water healthy?

There is no doubt that the citrus fruit is healthy. But lemon water is not suitable for everyone and can also Side effects Read here about the advantages and disadvantages of this popular drink.

The benefits of lemon water

The lemon is known for its particularly high concentration of vitamin C. The juice of a lemon contains 25 milligrams of vitamin CThis means you already cover a quarter of the recommended daily dose (100 milligrams). Vitamin C supports many processes in our body. It strengthens the immune system, stimulates collagen production, improves wound healing, ensures firm skin and therefore an even complexion.

The vitamin is a Antioxidant. This means that it protects us from free radicals that are caused by harmful external influences such as environmental toxins, cigarette smoke or UV radiation from the sun. Although lemon juice tastes sour, it has an alkaline effect on the body because it contains alkaline minerals such as potassium, calcium and magnesium. If you drink lemon water in the morning, you balance your acid-base balance and counteract over-acidification of the body. You can find more information about alkaline foods here.

As described above, lemon water boosts the metabolism – especially the fat metabolism. Because of the high vitamin C content, the body produces more serotonin and noradrenaline. These are hormones that stimulate the breakdown of fat. This enables the body to process fatty foods better. Lemons also contain a lot of potassium, which has a diuretic effect.

The sour and bitter taste of the tropical fruit in combination with the warm water curbs the appetiteThis way you avoid eating too large portions. The vitamins contained in the lemon pectin has a satiating effect. The daily vitamin C kick counteracts tiredness and the fresh scent of lemon wakes us up and puts us in a good mood. Here you can find more tips to combat tiredness.

Drinking lemon juice: side effects

If you want to lose weight with lemon water, increase the amount you drink slowly and see how your body reacts. If you have a sensitive stomach acid can cause heartburn, nausea and even vomiting. The acid also attacks the Tooth enamel makes the teeth sensitive and increases the risk of painful aphthous ulcers. Drink the lemon water best through a drinking strawso that it comes into contact with your teeth as little as possible. Also make sure not to brush your teeth directly before or after, but leave at least 30 minutes between brushing.

Start slowly: If you want to incorporate lemon water into your diet to lose weight, you should gradually increase the amount you drink and observe how your body reacts. To start with, the juice of half a lemon per day is enough.
Start slowly: If you want to incorporate lemon water into your diet to lose weight, you should gradually increase the amount you drink and observe how your body reacts. To start with, the juice of half a lemon per day is enough. © A Certain Aesthetic –

Lemon diet: recipe for lemon water

The lemon water diet is also suitable for working people and people who don’t have much time in the morning. The water with lemon is prepared in no time at all and without much effort. You only need two ingredients: Mix half a liter of water with the juice of two lemons in a carafe. The water should ideally be lukewarm, as it also has an appetite-suppressing effect.

If the sour taste is too much for you, you can add a little Xylitol or Maple syrup sweeten. Fresh ginger or cayenne pepper increase the metabolism-stimulating effect and counteract cravings. You can also spice up the drink with cucumber slices, mint and basil leaves. If you find this boring in the long run, then try making a “Switchel” for a change. To do this, mix water with lemon juice, fresh ginger, a little apple cider vinegar and honey. These ingredients boost the metabolism and support the immune system. The ultimate health and weight-loss drink is ready.

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