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  • Focusing on accelerating fiber optic expansion – Deutsche GigaNetz, DNS:NET, Infrafibre Germany and Eurofiber Netz sign letter of intent for new alliance
  • Technical implementation via Layer 2 bitstream access and S/PRI interface

Deutsche GigaNetz, DNS:NET, Eurofiber Netz and Infrafibre Germany with the companies LEONET and BBV Deutschland are forming a new Open Access Alliance. The signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was announced today. The agreement provides for the marketing of Internet and telephone services at gigabit speeds in the respective partners’ fiber optic networks. The new Open Access Alliance is thus sending a strong signal for the promotion of the Open Access model and consensus-based industry standards. The promotion and establishment of free mutual access is essential in order to drive forward the urgently needed rapid and comprehensive expansion in a targeted and economically viable manner. At the same time, it is about increasing the utilization of fiber optic networks, improving the profitability of investments and thus facilitating the transition from copper to glass.

Deutsche GigaNetz, DNS:NET, Eurofiber Netz (formerly Vattenfall Eurofiber GmbH) and Infrafibre Germany with the companies LEONET and BBV Deutschland have been among the drivers of fiber optic expansion in various regions across Germany for years. All companies are investing heavily from their own financial resources in the expansion and operation of a future-proof fiber optic infrastructure and the operation of fiber optic networks. All four players are convinced of the advantages of the open access model, as both the nationwide infrastructure expansion and consumers benefit equally from it.

All members of the alliance want to use each other’s existing fiber optic infrastructure to offer individual Internet services to customers – if the business model allows for it. Consumers will benefit from a greater variety of different service providers, while network operators will benefit from higher utilization of their investment-intensive networks. There are therefore no arguments for double expansion of fiber optic networks, which is economically and ecologically pointless. Rather, the investment funds released can be channeled into regions that do not yet have a state-of-the-art fiber optic infrastructure. Around two thirds of all households in Germany currently have only low bandwidths or no access to fiber optics at all; this is according to data from the latest market analysis by the BREKO association.

Technical background: The Open Access Alliance has agreed to present the technical implementation via market-wide Layer 2 Bitrom access. The established S/PRI interface is to be used as a mutual interface. The members of the alliance are also striving for standardization of processes and product specifications.

About the companies


The DNS:NET Group stands for inspiring people with the speed of light. DNS:NET Internet Service GmbH is a specialist in broadband expansion and the development of previously underserved regions with fiber optics. The Berlin/Brandenburg telecommunications company was founded in 1998 and is one of the full-service network operators in Germany with headquarters in Berlin, customer centers in Brandenburg and a branch in Saxony-Anhalt. In Brandenburg, DNS:NET is the largest alternative fiber optic provider. DNS:NET’s service portfolio covers the entire spectrum of data center services and IP-based services for business customers, full-service solutions for the real estate industry and high-speed Internet (telephony, Internet and TV connections) for private customers. DNS:NET operates its own fiber optic rings and networks as well as high-security data centers and has been investing specifically and to a large extent in infrastructure expansion and FTTH rollout in underserved regions, numerous cities and rural areas since 2007. Information about the company can be found at

About Infrafibre Germany (IFG)

With over 200,000 households accessible and more than 250 local and regional partnerships, IFG, based in Unterschleißheim near Munich, with its subsidiaries LEONET GmbH and BBV Deutschland GmbH as well as Infrafibre Networks GmbH, is one of the leading private sector players in the German fiber optic market. The company is investing over 1.5 billion euros in the accelerated FTTH rollout in rural areas in the coming years. The IFG is backed by shareholder Infracapital, one of the major pan-European infrastructure investors. The company’s focus is on Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria, Rhineland-Palatinate and Thuringia. In order to drive forward sustainable regional network expansion and digitization, the company is particularly committed to close partnerships with districts and municipalities, municipal utilities, regional network operators and targeted takeovers. A central element of the successful business model is open access, the opening of its own fiber optic networks to interested competitors. More information:

About Deutsche GigaNetz GmbH

Deutsche GigaNetz GmbH, with headquarters in Hamburg, operates a predominantly self-financed and quality-oriented fiber optic network expansion in Germany right into the home (FttH – Fiber to the Home). The company is thus making a significant contribution to the digitalization of Germany with the participation of all citizens in the necessary infrastructure. With a clear focus on self-financed expansion, the company’s goal is to build fiber optics across the board in municipalities and to additionally incorporate existing infrastructure and the funding environment. Deutsche GigaNetz is creating a sustainable quality network for the next generations through high-quality installation methods, which is open to other providers without discrimination as an open access solution. With less energy consumption in network operation compared to previous copper networks, Deutsche GigaNetz is also making a contribution to ecological sustainability in municipalities. More information:

About Eurofiber Netz GmbH

As a partner in Berlin’s Gigabit Strategy, Eurofiber Netz has set itself the goal of expanding a high-performance fiber optic network in Berlin. To do this, the company uses the existing district heating network in Berlin. More than 500,000 households and companies will have access to FTTB/FTTH fiber optic connections through Eurofiber in the coming years. The new fiber optic network offers a faster and superior connection compared to existing infrastructures. As a pure infrastructure provider with open access, the company does not offer its own end product, but enables all Internet providers to use the fiber optic network and market their own products without discrimination. End customers therefore have complete freedom of choice when selecting their Internet provider. Eurofiber Netz GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Eurofiber Group, Netherlands. Further information:

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