Stockach-Wahlwies. The German construction industry has been dominated by the principles of “faster and cheaper” for decades.

The German construction industry has been dominated by the principles of “faster and cheaper” for decades. The same harmful building materials are used again and again without considering the possible negative consequences of this approach. Birke Thümer has created a contact point for builders who are looking for a healthy and sustainable alternative with the Thümer Holzbau Architektur office. Here she explains what the “sick building syndrome” is all about and how ecological construction can improve our health in everyday life.

Environmental influences on the health of our bodies are still underestimated. Regardless of how much we invest in personal hygiene, exercise, nutrition or the right clothing – if the quality of the environment in which we spend most of our lives is not right, our bodies cannot develop their full health potential. This affects not only the social environment, but also the buildings in which we live and work. Studies have shown the significant effects of the so-called “sick building syndrome”, the symptoms of which often appear gradually and unnoticed. “We spend around 80 percent of our lives in buildings,” explains Birke Thümer from Thümer Holzbau Architektur. “That’s why it’s fatal if these buildings have a negative impact on our health. If this problem is ignored, the consequences can, in the worst case, cost us valuable time.”

“Customers who opt for healthy, sustainable and ecological construction for the first time report improvements in their health after just a short time,” reveals the entrepreneur. With her office, Thümer Holzbau Architektur, the expert has specialized in healthy construction, which she communicates comprehensively to her customers. Her team avoids greenwashing and empty promises. “We don’t just talk about the advantages of healthy construction, we implement it consistently and authentically,” explains Birke Thümer. “Our goal is to create buildings that are so healthy that staying in them is as pleasant as a walk in the forest.” The architecture office not only has the current generation in mind, but also the future: “Ecological and environmentally friendly construction is the only way to live a holistically healthy life – and of course we want that for future generations too,” says the expert.

Ecological and sustainable construction as a cornerstone for physical and mental health

The Thümer Holzbau Architektur office accompanies its customers comprehensively through the entire construction process – from the first sketch to the completion of the house. “We develop detailed plans together with our customers and select the most suitable ecological construction methods for their project,” explains Birke Thümer. The company also coordinates the selection of suitable tradesmen to ensure the success of the sustainable construction project. “We oversee the construction until final completion and ensure that our customers feel the difference of ecological buildings on all levels – physically, mentally and energetically – right from the start,” emphasizes the expert. During the entire construction process, the team around the managing director attaches great importance to down-to-earth and transparent communication. “We always meet our customers, specialist planners and tradesmen on an equal footing and attach great importance to reliability,” the entrepreneur continues. “If any concerns or questions arise, we are always there to help our customers.”

The positive feedback that Birke Thümer and her team receive every day is a key motivation to continue to do excellent work. “Our customers really appreciate the trusting and close cooperation,” reports the entrepreneur. “Every piece of feedback, every thank-you letter and every successful project encourages us to continue to do our best and achieve great things together.” Nevertheless, the will to optimize remains unbroken. “We are always looking for ways to improve our cooperation and our construction projects,” explains the expert. “That’s why we are all the more pleased when our clients appreciate our work.” Birke Thümer finds it particularly important to recognize the work of the few craftsmen who make the implementation of ecological buildings possible in the first place. “These craftsmen are the true heroes of sustainable construction,” she emphasizes. “Without them, a healthy revolution in construction would not be possible.”

Birke Thümer: From growing up on a farm in Namibia to ecological architecture in Germany

The mission to bring about a change in Western construction is deeply rooted in Birke Thümer’s life story. Growing up without electricity or heating on a farm in the middle of Namibia’s nature, she developed an interest in timber construction at an early age. As the only girl in her conservative school, she decided to pursue a career in construction and moved to Germany at the age of just 18 to train as a carpenter. There she obtained a master craftsman’s title and then expanded her knowledge by studying architecture and building biology. After ten years as an employed architect, she took the step into self-employment in 2019.

“I am firmly convinced that a healthy life is possible everywhere – whether in Namibia or in Germany,” explains the entrepreneur. “A life close to nature does not depend on population density, but on the environment you create for yourself.” Through her work, the expert hopes that everyone involved – including customers, specialist planners and tradespeople – will experience and learn to appreciate the joy of ecological and healthy construction. “Joy is contagious – and the more people recognize the advantages of ecological construction methods, the more this approach will become established,” she emphasizes. She particularly hopes to be able to win over the younger generation to this nature-oriented approach. “Young people are passionate about improving the world, bringing joy into life and healing the environment. If they decide to build their own home, we will support them in achieving these goals,” concludes Birke Thümer.

Would you like to realize a construction project, invest in your health at the same time and create a healthy and healing environment through ecological, nature-based construction? Then contact Birke Thümer now and arrange an appointment for a free consultation!

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