Regardless of the season, you should always take good care of your skin. This includes sun protection and drinking enough.Source: MEV

Dry, heated air indoors and freezing temperatures outside take their toll on the skin. “The skin’s own protection decreases in winter because it produces less oil. Below eight degrees, no fat production takes place at all,” explains Stuttgart dermatologist Daniel Wilder.

In addition, the blood flow to the skin is not as good as in summer and therefore it is not supplied with as many nutrients. This means that we need to protect our skin more and provide it with more nourishment in winter.

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Skincare routine for the whole year

The best thing is to integrate a good skin routine into your daily routine all year round, says beautician Uta Janisch, chairwoman of the Professional Association of Beauticians in Germany. For her, the mandatory program is:

  1. Cleansing: removes dirt from the skin
  2. Tonic or facial toner: neutralizes the tap water and prepares skin for care
  3. Serum: penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin
  4. Care: penetrates into upper skin layers and protects

According to Janisch, anyone who carries out these steps in the morning and evening should be able to survive the cold season well.

The treatment includes peeling, eye care and a mask.
Uta Janisch, beautician

Should men always use skin care products that are specifically labeled for men? “No,” says dermatologist Daniel Wilder: That is not necessary. Product ranges for men are purely marketing campaigns. But: It depends on the skin type. “Men tend to have oilier skin, women tend to have dry or combination skin. So the care should be tailored to each individual,” says the expert.

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Tips for dry skin

Since the skin is already under a lot of stress in winter, you should take care of it. “Make sure you use pH-neutral products when cleaning,” advises Wilder. And avoid using water that is too hot – even when bathing or showering. This removes the skin’s own oils, the skin’s self-protection. This applies not only to the face, but to the whole body.
Care for your skin with oil-based products and active ingredients that keep the skin moisturized.
Dr. Daniel Wilder, dermatologist
According to Wilder, such active ingredients include urea (5-10 percent), glycerine, almond oil, shea butter and olive oil. But of course every skin is different and has different needs.

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You don’t know exactly what skin type you have or what your skin needs? Janisch recommends consulting a well-trained beautician. The product selection is large – and customers are also uncertain about which cream to choose. Wilder’s tip: “Large pharmacies have dermatological products. And ideally you will get advice.”

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It’s good to moisturize your skin in winter, but be careful: “High levels of moisture and sub-zero temperatures can lead to frostbite,” says cosmetician Uta Janisch. When skiing in particular, it’s better to use products with fats like beeswax or shea butter.

How to properly care for dry lips

“The skin on the lips is 70 percent thinner than the skin on the face. Lips also have no sebaceous glands,” explains Wilder. They therefore need to be particularly well protected and cared for. Lips are often forgotten when it comes to care.

“You should always treat your lips as part of your routine – from cleansing to cream,” says beautician Janisch. She recommends using ingredients such as shea butter, vitamin E and beeswax in lip care. But be careful with lanolin – it only feels nice at first, but dries out your lips in the long run.

It’s a well-known effect: the film from the lip balm makes the lips supple. It’s a great feeling, but in the long term the lips feel drier than before. Why is that? “Mineral oils in products dry out the lips,” says dermatologist Daniel Wilder. If you have very dry lips, you should use the ingredient dexpanthenol.

The ingredient glycerine is often criticized, but is that really the case? As an additive in cosmetics, the substance binds moisture and keeps the skin supple. But here the dose makes the poison. Because if there is too much glycerine in the care product, the opposite effect occurs, writes the German Pharmacist Newspaper. Products with concentrations of five to ten percent glycerine are common.

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Radiant skin despite the cold

Since November at the latest, the summer glow has disappeared. It is not uncommon for skin to appear grey in winter. This is partly due to poor circulation and partly due to dead skin cells.

Janisch therefore recommends peeling once or twice a week – depending on how robust the skin is. Only when old skin cells are removed can the active ingredients penetrate properly.

Mechanical peelings, i.e. those with grains, can damage the skin. “Enzyme peelings are better: powders or pastes that are easy to apply, work in and wash off.” Also don’t forget to drink plenty of fluids and do activities in the fresh air for that glow.
Good UV protection is important. Even in winter, the skin is exposed to the sun’s rays, which accelerate skin aging and increase the risk of cancer. “In everyday life, the sun protection factor should be at least 30 SPF. For winter sports, 50 SPF,” says dermatologist Daniel Wilder. According to Janisch, those who apply sun protection individually after their skin care routine have the advantage of being able to decide for themselves when it is needed. After all, if you sit in your home office all day, you could also do without sun protection. But if your break walk lasts longer and the sun is shining, UV protection should not be forgotten.

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