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Beetroot could be one of the most underrated superfoods: The tuber tastes a bit earthy, and when it is pickled, it has a sour taste. This is why children, but also many adults, often pull a face when they eat beetroot. “But that’s a shame, because beetroot is not only very healthy, If prepared correctly, it tastes very delicious,” says Klaus-Wilfried Meyer from the German Chefs’ Association in Frankfurt. It is too often underestimated.

Beetroot for health: Superfood for your blood

Beetroot has been around for a long time. “It has been known for around 6,000 years,” explains cookbook author Tanja Dusy from Munich. The round, fist-sized tuber probably comes from North Africa and was spread throughout Europe by the Romans. “That’s where its name comes from,” explains Dusy. “Beta” means “turnip” in Latin. That’s why it is called Beetroot often also Red beet.

This tuber was already used centuries ago as valuable vegetables with special healing properties According to home economics master Inge Hebrank from the German Housewives’ Association in Sindelfingen, for example, people in the Middle Ages believed that beetroot was good for the blood because of its red color. This has now been scientifically proven: beetroot contains plenty of Folic acid, which is responsible for the formation of red blood cells According to Dusy, 200 grams of beetroot covers 50 percent of the daily requirement of folic acid.

In addition, beetroot also contains many other important substances such as Calcium, potassium, magnesium, iodine, sodium and vitamin C. “The dye also strengthens Betaine, the beetroot red, the immune system,” says Dusy. Especially in the cold months, the tuber helps very good against colds and flu infections. “In addition, beetroot contains substances that capture free radicals and thus as Protection against cancer apply.”

Prepare delicious beetroot salad

Beetroot: Good for blood pressure and digestion

Chef Meyer, who works as a nutritionist, lists further advantages: “It stimulates the Digestion and liver function on, acts purifying and lowers blood pressure.” In fact, British scientists have recently proven that just half a litre of beetroot juice a day significantly lowers blood pressure. Experts agree on the positive effects of beetroot on the body – but can the tuber also be used in Cancer prevention help? We have addressed this question in a separate article.

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The Preparation options This extremely healthy tuber has many uses. Raw, for example, it goes well with herring salad or a Raw food saladt made from apples, nuts, fresh herbs and oil, says author Dusy. “Beetroot is indispensable in the Russian soup speciality Borscht”, adds home economics master Hebrank. To do this, beetroot is finely grated and lightly sautéed. “Together with beef, white cabbage and sour cream, it makes a great dish.” A typical feature of this red soup is that it is cooked for a long time at a low heat so that the flavor of the individual ingredients can develop well. Finally, the borscht is refined with a little sour cream or fresh herbs such as dill and parsley.

Beetroot can also boiled, steamed or baked in the oven Dusy recommends that beetroot be cooked in boiling salted water. “For example, you can put them unpeeled in boiling salted water and cover them and simmer for 30 to 45 minutes, depending on their size.” Once the tuber is soft, the skin is peeled off like a jacket potato and the beet is eaten with salt, pepper, butter or oil. “If you like, you can also mix it with sour cream and onion and puree everything,” says Dusy. “It goes perfectly as a side dish with fish.” Beetroot also tastes good with meat: “For example, I like it when it is diced and tossed in a pan with melted butter and thyme.” This gives the beetroot a great aroma.

Be careful when preparing beetroot

Beetroot stains heavily during preparation, Therefore, you have to pay attention to a few things. “It is best to always Gloves when handling beetroot,” advises Klaus-Wilfried Meyer from the German Chefs’ Association.

If stains do get on your hands, lemon juice can help. Splashes on white textiles should be cleaned as quickly as possible with hot water and soap removed. But don’t worry: you can also handle beetroot with your bare hands. After Wash your hands a few times the red dye is gone again.

“Above all, you have to know that beetroot is also loses its color when cut, “It literally bleeds out,” says Meyer. That’s why the tuber should only be scrubbed well and not peeled before it is cooked. “In addition, the root is not cut off, just twisted off.” Once the beet is in the boiling water, it must not be pricked either – otherwise it will bleed out too.

Cooking tip: Always cook beetroot with the skin on

Beetroot is available all year round, but in our latitudes it is mainly in winter eaten. The beetroot season begins in autumn, at the end of September, and runs until spring. “When buying fresh vegetables, you have to make sure that the fruit has grown evenly and is not damaged,” says Gabriele Kaufmann from the Consumer Protection, Nutrition and Agriculture Information Service. If there is still some green on the beetroot, it should be crisp and not limp.

Delicious recipes with beetroot

“Beetroot will last in the fridge for about a week, However, it should not be stored above two degrees, otherwise it will quickly become wrinkled,” says the nutritionist. Beetroot should not be stored together with vegetables or fruit that contain ethylene, as this accelerates the aging process. “These include tomatoes, apples or bananas,” says Kaufmann.

Even if the beetroot season is over, you can still buy the beetroot here – pre-cooked and vacuum-packed. Whether you want to do this or would rather wait for the fresh beetroot at the start of the next season is of course up to you.

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