What won’t we do to look young? In most cases, we can only tell when we are older whether all of our well-aging routines are actually paying off. That’s exactly why we’re getting tips from this 80-year-old grandmother, whose skin is almost wrinkle-free without Botox or fillers. Her secret: an evening routine consisting of one step.

Well Aging is on everyone’s lips and it seems as if Yuri Lee’s 80-year-old grandmother played through this game. Her radiant complexion is almost wrinkle-free. There is hardly any sun damage in the form of pigment spots, and her skin looks firm and plump. While she has already explained her morning skin care routine in 4 steps, now follows the Evening routine – but this one is completely surprising.

Just one step: 80-year-old grandma reveals her unexpected evening skincare routine

While Yuri Lee’s grandma layers different textures in the morning – from watery spray lotion, to a liquid essence, serum and finally a gel cream, in the evening there is only a productwhich the 80-year-old swears by. And the ingredients differ significantly from her daily care. It is toxic – that much can be revealed!

After the Japanese woman has taken a bath, “only” a Night cream on her face. The Nerium Age Defying Night Cream have been using it for over 10 years, as she tells her granddaughter in the video. The product has a rather thick texture that is rather difficult to spread on the face. The rich texture also has a noticeable firming effect on the face. Unfortunately, it is not available in Germany – but that’s not so bad. Because we explain to you exactly which 4 active ingredients that work magic turn off.

1. Aloe Vera Juice

The first ingredient mentioned in the cream is “NAE-8™ Proprietary Blend“. This is a patented ingredient of the brand, which is made from Aloe-Vera juiceand Nerium Oleander Leaves – more on that in a moment. The aloe vera plant is of course not foreign to us in cosmetics. It contains primarily Polysaccharideswhich improve the elasticity of the skin and act as a carrier so that products can penetrate deeper into the skin. Aloverose is the name of the dermatologically active component of the juice. The higher the aloverose content, the more effective the aloe vera product. These are the effects that aloe vera juice has on our skin:

  • moisture-retaining
  • anti-inflammatory
  • anti-itch
  • cooling
  • antioxidant

Due to the low irritation potential and the antioxidant effectwhich makes free radicals less damaging and thus protects the collagen structure of the skin, aloe vera juice is a great ingredient for all skin types of all ages. It seems that the Collagen framework of 80-year-old grandmother intact – her firm skin at this age is admirable. Is this only possible through the use of aloe vera gel? No. In addition to genes, diet and sun exposure also play a decisive role. Nevertheless, you are doing everything right in skin care products.

2. Nerium Oleander Extract (NOE)

The USP of the whole brand “Nerium” is the contained Neriumoleander-Extractwhich is contained in the declared “NAE-8™ Proprietary Blend”. But what is that anyway?

Oleander is a plant whose flowers and leaves poisonous Nerium oleander is also called rose laurel and is grown in subtropical areas. As a cardiac glycoside, when consumed it affects intercardiac muscle activity, thus reducing or increasing the heart rate. The use of the extract is not common in cosmetics, so the night cream is something special in this sense. The question arises: why?

If the skin care benefits of the active ingredient were enormous, it would certainly be part of several creams and serums. In fact, there are few studies on its effectiveness. It is limited to antioxidant effects, which are weaker than those of other active ingredients. What exactly is contained in “NAE-8” is of course under wraps – but with regard to the INCIs, it can be stated that the combination of aloe vera juice and nerium oleander extract can hardly be the secret behind Yuri Lee’s grandmother’s youthful skinIn this case, it is worth investing in a powerful vitamin C serum.

3. Glycerine

This ingredient deserves much more attention – especially compared to the much hyped hyaluronic acid. Glycerin binds water on the skin, keeps them moisturized and plump. This not only has an instant smoothing effect on fine lines, it also increases skin elasticity and thus prevents Dryness wrinkles Moisturized skin is also essential for healthy Skin barrier. Their integrity is in turn directly correlated with the health of the skin and therefore also with its external appearance. The fact is: moisture does not harm any skin. No matter whether you are young or old – you can never go wrong with moisturizing care. The 80-year-old grandmother only uses this cream and no serum beforehand – not fatal, but it can be better! The ideal routine would be this:

  1. Face with a Oil cleaner Wash your face thoroughly to remove sebum and sunscreen.
  2. Apply to damp skin Moisturizing Serum Apply with glycerin or hyaluronic acid.
  3. The moisture with a cream so that it escapes more slowly during the night and the skin underneath can regenerate optimally.

You can find a universal 3-step routine to strengthen the skin barrier here.

4. Castor oil

In addition to rice bran oil, which also has an antioxidant and soothing effect, the night cream also contains castor oil “Ricinus Communis (Castor) Seed Oil” has – once again – a antioxidant effectthus fending off free radicals. This means that molecules that are particularly reactive due to UV radiation or environmental pollution and would therefore damage the collagen structure of the skin are rendered harmless. The high Ricinoleic acid contentan omega-9 fatty acid.

In addition to the anti-inflammatory effect, the oil content in creams is important for Occlusiveness This refers to the occlusive effect. Different oils have different degrees of occlusiveness. The higher the occlusive effect, the denser they are and allow less quickly water escapes from the skin into the airNight creams in particular often contain very occlusive oils, as the body relaxes during sleep, the skin becomes more permeable (epidermal water loss is increased) and an occlusive cream reduces this water loss – the skin barrier can regenerate better when moist.

Castor oil is relatively viscouswhich is an indicator of a high degree of occlusiveness. It seals well and thus forms a mechanical protective filmFor skin that produces too much sebum (oily and combination skin) this is counterproductive. mature skinThis is ideal for people whose sebum production has decreased. The most encapsulating substance in cosmetics is Vaseline. You can also use it on very dry areas (eg around the eyes).

The 80-year-old relies on these foods and nutritional supplements

In another video, Yuri Lee also asks her grandmother about the foods she eats every day. The 80-year-old replies that she avocado, Mekabu (an algae root), Natto (fermented soybeans), Miso soup and kimchi (fermented cabbage) every day. As a Japanese woman, this is not an unusual menu – but still very interesting in terms of skin care. The high proportion of ferment foods affects the intestine through Probiotics positive. The skin’s appearance can be seen as an indicator of intestinal health – a connection is therefore undeniable.

As a dietary supplement she also takes Vitamin C powder, protein powder soy-based and Capsules with avocado oil and vitamin E – daily since 20 yearsYour products are from the Mikimoto brand, a Japanese brand. Here, too, the harmony between external and internal care is evident.