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Do you remember your puberty? The years of strong emotions, when you argue with your parents and struggle with your own self – your body included? I remember the down on my upper lip, the fused eyebrows or the many hairs on my forearms. I didn’t think they were pretty at all back then and I hid my arms under long sweaters at the swimming pool.

And I know that many of my friends felt the same way. Whether it was the spots on their faces or the wider thighs. And when I think about it, I remember all the nasty comments from my peers. Not nice. And not something I wish for my children during puberty. Rather, I hope that they develop a good feeling for their bodies and don’t let stupid comments influence them. Even though I know that in times of social media and anonymous comment functions, purely external appearances can be judged even more easily.

Unfortunately, our society still often dictates what bodies have to be like in order to be “good” and “accepted”. Television, books and social media use common stereotypes. Even in children’s series, slim people are portrayed as friendly and polite and fat people as evil, Julia Tanck cites a media study. In an interview, the psychotherapist explains how even small children who have not yet been exposed to social media and cell phones are influenced in this way and develop a bad body image. She gives tips on what parents can do specifically to ensure that their children have a positive perception of themselves and their bodies. They also often find it difficult not to judge and influence their children when it comes to food, exercise and their bodies. They often mean well when they encourage them to do more sport or emphasize that it is bad to eat sweets. In the worst case, however, they create feelings of guilt that stay with their children for the rest of their lives.

The needs and rights of children are also the focus this weekend. International Children’s Day is celebrated in more than 145 countries around the world. Get inspiration and read how you can spend the day with your children. Maybe you’ll go out for an ice cream – simply because it tastes good and makes you happy! Where? Our readers have voted and chosen Leipzig’s tastiest ice cream parlors.

In this sense: Strengthen each other!


Yours, Uta Zangemeister


This is what we were busy with this week

Weekend tips

June 1st is Children’s Day! In this context, the Paunsdorf Center Leipzig at the Saturday invites all children to spend this very special day with Vicky the Viking, Rapunzel, the Snow Queen, Maya the Bee and the Minions themselves. The hosts are the Sandman and Pittiplatschwhich all small and big children several times a day between 12 and 18.30 on stage. The mascot dance competition is another highlight of Children’s Day. In addition, a magician will be performing his magic show twice – late at noon and in the afternoon – to astonish and amaze everyone. Anyone who misses the stage shows has the chance to see the magician performing his close-up magic or tying balloon figures in the shopping street of the center all day long. On the website there are the whole program.

  • On Saturday Klett Children’s Book Publishers invites you to the “Grassi” room in the Leipzig City Library. In one musical children’s book event of “A meadow for all” is at 11 o’clock a story about humanity is told – and everyone decides how it ends! Sounds exciting? It is. To mark the publishing house’s anniversary, the author Hans-Christian Schmidt and the illustrator Andreas Német give insights into parts of their work. The end of the story is in the hands of the audience. Admission is free. Suitable for everyone aged 4 and over.
  • While 24 teams will compete for the trophy in the European Championship starting on 14 June 2024, the LVZ is organising the LVZ- Mini-EM. 32 instead of 24 junior teams of the F-youth compete on this Sunday against each other in Alfred Kunze Sports Park Each team is assigned to a country, so everything runs like a normal European Championship – only in miniature. From about 9.30 am The first game kicks off and the players are delighted to have a passionate audience. In addition to the competition, there is also plenty on offer for young and old. From Football darts, face painting and a mini soccer area The tournament offers a varied program for young and old.
  • From Friday to Sunday Fans of fish and seafood will enjoy the first Seafood Festival get their money’s worth. In the exciting industrial ambience of the Pittler works there are delicacies such as Oysters, seafood paella, carp in beer batter, seaweed ice cream and much more. The program includes Lectures and a reading on sustainability in fishing and farming and Live music by DJs, the band Analog Organism and solo musicians. For the younger visitors there is a large bouncy castle, children’s tattoos and face painting. Between 12 and 18 o’clock there is also a childcareIt starts on Friday at 5pm, on Saturday and Sunday at 12pm. Admission is free.
  • Fun and games in front of the Gewandhaus: The Toggo Tour by Super RTL makes on Saturday and Sunday as part of the city festival, each from 11am to 6pmon Augustusplatz in front of the Gewandhaus Station. Toggo presenters will lead through the stage program. Children from the TABU dance studio will show excerpts from their show dance programs on Sunday from 12 noon on Augustusplatz.

Big bike festival in Pösna Park [Anzeige]

At the Saturday, June 8, 2024 from 9 a.m.finds our Bicycle Festival In addition to the five tours awaits you a Colorful supporting program for young and oldThe registration fee will be donated to the Kinderherzkammer eV. So, what are you waiting for? Experience a unforgettable day full of fun, sport and community. For further information please visit

Book tip

Look at “Well then, good night!”.

“Well then, good night!” – a picture book by Cameron Spires (text) and Grace Cho (illustration): Imagine: You’ve had a long day at work, you’ve done the shopping, you’ve picked up the kids, and the evening ends with the usual struggle to put the little ones to bed. The tiredness is overwhelming, the children are still wide awake. (…) This is exactly where the picture book “Well then, good night! First pictures and true words for awake babies and tired parents” comes into play. This book is anything but the usual children’s book that we know and is certainly not for everyone.

Anyone who doesn’t like sarcasm in parenting should save their nerves and not even take a look, because: in an almost cynical tone and with biting humor, the small and large challenges of raising children, which we would otherwise prefer to keep quiet about, are addressed here. Short, concise sentences that invite you to laugh. Critics see the sarcastic tone as an insult to children, advocates see it as a humorous way of dealing with the difficulties that sometimes come with it.

In addition to colorful, lively illustrations by Grace Cho, which are interesting for children, there is reading material just for those who are already familiar with the world of language. This book is primarily a comforting plaster that brings a smile or even a laugh to the face of many an exhausted parent. “The honest picture-word book for the whole young family,” says the cover text, may not suit everyone’s taste, but if it does, it hits the mark.

By Mine Aktas

What else is going on

News from family life on Threads

By the way, I dropped 2 children off at daycare: K2 and his stuffed animal child, my grandchild. Luckily, the father took responsibility and I didn’t have to do childcare as well. (PS: The teachers at the daycare tolerate the bonus child because he is very quiet.) 🤣🤣🤣

Rike Rübe – @ruebenkoepfchen, May 29, 2024

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The dad just accidentally scratched his little one while trying to stop him from jumping into the puddle, so that Mini’s entire body fell into the mud puddle – well, after that it was probably the funniest 40 minutes in the park ever. If we just let the child dry off, we’ll have a statue 😂

Jessica Dresel – @jesssiii_caa, May 26, 2024

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How do you decide which parent is allowed to go to parents’ evening? Rock, paper, scissors? Gambling? Who runs away first?? 🤣

Friederike Texts – @friederikeschulzva, May 24, 2024

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